Ellie the elephant and her parents have just moved, an experience that makes Ellie feel scared, sad, and sometimes even angry. Luckily, Ellie has the friendship and guidance of four magical friends, her emotional dragons! Together, the dragons know just what to say when Ellie’s feelings bring her down!
Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons presents delightful characters whose loving approach to emotional intelligence will teach kids empathy, help them understand their own emotions, and provide them with strategies to get through difficult moments.
children's book illustration by Traci Van Wagoner for Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons

Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons Cover illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner

Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons interior
Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons interior
Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons interior
Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons interior
★ 2019-01-22
A young elephant deals with her feelings with the help of four tiny dragons who live in her closet in this debut picture book.
Ellie the elephant has four magic dragons: Naz, who assists her when she's afraid; Nali, who consoles her when she's sad; Tully, who helps her check her anger; and Hani, who shares her happiness. When Ellie is startled by sounds in her new home, Naz tells her it's all right to be scared and offers tips on how to handle her fears. When Ellie is unhappy because her father goes to work, Nali encourages her to draw a picture to lift her spirits. When a new friend rips her picture, Tully suggests she take deep breaths to calm down. In Goodrich's clever tale about coping, the dragons provide sound counsel ("We can always draw another picture," Tully asserts). Each dragon is in a bold color, which Van Wagoner (Nelson Beats the Odds Activity Guide, 2019, etc.) uses to great effect in a paint-splatter style. The dragons leave trails of brilliant hues when they fly, but other colors in the beautiful illustrations, such as the purple of Ellie's skin or the gray of her noisy radiator, extend beyond their characters or objects to enhance the pages.
The dragons' acceptance of the heroine's reactions, their solid advice, and a kid-friendly elephant children can identify with should resonate with young readers struggling to manage their emotions.
Kirkus Reviews
Story Monster Approved - Family Matters
Story Monster Approved - Picture Books (Ages 3-8)

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