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Kurt Keller -- Graphic Design
Kurt Keller is the designer of many fun games like Castle Scape, ParadiseOpoly, and Ninja Squirrels, designing everything from logo to final packaging, including 3D mock ups of the game for the back of the boxes and for the instruction sheets. He designs logos, instruction sheets, and can help select what assets are needed to make the game work best. His designs enhance the users experience and highlight the illustrations and story of the game. He can also design 3D photos of your game in play, create sell sheets, and help get your files ready to upload or to take to manufacturing. Kurt specializes in telling a story through creative design.
Traci Van Wagoner - Illustration
Traci Van Wagoner loves playing games and helping create them. She’s the illustrator of all the artwork for Castle Scape, ParadiseOpoly and and many more games as well as books. An award winning illustrator, she works in a variety of styles and media and loves creation fun characters and colorful scenes with dramatic lighting and color. She loves painting pirates, mermaids, kings, queens, ninja squirrels, and dragons. She’s always up for drawing dragons. She works in a variety of styles, developing the perfect look for each project with her client’s input. See for yourself and enjoy a romp through her portfolio. You can see more of her illustration and #PaintPlay on her website: www.tracivanwagoner.com
Clients include:
Praetorian Board Games, Gold Seal Games, Exocrate Games, Roosterfin Games, Nomad Press, Learning A-Z, Inquiring Minds, Pelican Publishing, Outward Hound, Leap Frog, E&B Giftware, Moose Entertainment, Pauline Books and Media, Ten to Two Children's Books, The Library Store, Creative Medicine, Leap Frog, E&B Giftware, Moose Entertainment, New Moon Magazine, Highlights Magazine, International Masters Publishers, Silver Editions, Elephanta Education
“THANK YOU. I treasure the detail work you’ve given this project and the overall look of the project. Over the moon grateful. Thank you.” ~ Victoria Sanders, Elephanta Education, Bozeman Trail
Our Process
It starts with communication, getting to know each other, and discovering your passion and goals for your project. You send along any materials you have to help us get a feel for the scope of the project. We review and live with the project a bit to gauge our interest since many game and book projects take months to complete. If we're both on board, we'll send an estimate/invoice and contract. (send the necessary paperwork to the get the dice rolling.)

Book: It will will take from four to eight months to complete the illustrations for a full book depending on the total amount of illustrations needed, the number of pages, the complexity and number of characters for each spread as well as our current work load.
Game: Depending on the overall complexity of a game, it will take us one month to a year.
Book: We break the payments into thirds: one third up front to get started with character development, one third upon delivery of final sketches, and the final third at delivery of the final art.
Game: We start with 50% up front to get the project started, and 50% upon delivery of final files.
Kill fee: We also have a kill fee of 25% in case the project is cancelled after we have invested much or our time.
Revision Limit: We will provide one or two rounds of revisions on sketches and light revisions on finals. Any further revisions needed will be an additional charge.
Email us for a price list.
Book: It is unlikely that you will need or ever use all rights to the art we create for your book. We will grant you the appropriate usage and terms needed to use the illustrations for 1st North American Print rights for an agreed upon time frame. If you still wish to buy all copyrights, be prepared to pay an appropriate amount for them. This can add up.
Game: We retain the copyrights to the art
Contracts…Yes: There will be one. We use a simple contract outlining rights. We can use one of our own or you can provide one, but keep in mind that what we have outlined above must be clear.
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